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My name is Kenneth Glover and I would like to be your licensed guide on your next visit to Salem, Massachusetts for the 11:30 AM Two Hour Salem Morning Stroll-Historical Tour.   Also starting in October 2018 join me on the two hour hauntingly magical Sinister Stories of Salem tour at 8:00PM.

Starting in April 2018 join your guide, Kenneth on the Two Hour Salem Morning Stroll-Historical Tour at 11:30 AM Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  The same historical Tour is also available at 4:00PM on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Kenneth’s Salem historical tour is a comprehensive and entertaining walk that not only covers the Salem Witch Trials, but also five centuries of Salem’s rich past, it’s literature, the revolution and it’s great age of sail.  Kenneth also has a clear understanding of the culture of the protestant settlers that founded Salem and you will enjoy pulling back the curtain into their lives with story and song.

Beginning again in October 2018 enjoy the Two hour Sinister Stories of Salem tour each night except Tuesday at 8:00PM when Kenneth will regale you with animated story-telling, Salem legend and personal anecdotes of its historic hauntings.  You’ll know that you’ve arrived when you see his antique red Perego Baby Carriage carrying his collection of oddities. Each one with it’s own story including Myrna, The Death Puppet that has a spirit attachment with a sense of humor.

Each night at the close of this walking tour you are invited to stay a while more and participate in the séance, Kenneth’s solemn circle of connection between the living and the dead.



Salem Morning Stroll

Friendly and conversational guided tours through Salem’s historic neighborhoods and waterfront

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Sinister Stories of Salem

Theatrical walking tour through downtown Salem based on historical figures, legends of Salem and unearthly spirits.

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I am the friendly, Quaker tour guide in plain attire and I will wait for you at The Coven’s Cottage, 190 Essex Street Salem, Massachusetts, 01970.


Kenneth Dyke-Glover

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You can also correspond with me at the following address.  All correspondence will be answered. Kenneth Dyke-Glover C/O The Coven’s Cottage 190 Essex Street, Salem, MA 01970

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Kenneth is Licensed in 2016 with the City of Salem both as a Salem Tour Guide and licensed “Fortune Teller”.  He is also a member of the Salem Tour Association and The Salem Chamber of Commerce.  His tour is featured and described as a “Salem Witch Tour” in the Salem Episode of “Today’s Builder TV Show” for Groom Construction as aired on CBS/Boston.

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